Quo vadis?

September 2, 2007

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The annual event of ILUG-Delhi has recently changed names from Freedel, to Freed, with the goal of refocusing the event from catering just to Delhi, and to a certain in-crowd of free/open source software (FOSS). The change of name was prompted by our public relations consultant (a first for us!), Rajesh Lalwani of BlogWorks who volunteered his time to help us out. The major change of perspective is that we no longer see ourselves as restricted to Delhi, or even to India, or to any particular ghetto that people may want to restrict us to.

Since there have been a lot of words bantered over the change of name, I felt that it was important to jot down a few thoughts on this issue, much as I feel that personal blogs are, by and large, a means of self-aggrandisement.

First and foremost, the change of focus for the event is a logical outcome of internal changes within the Indian Linux Users Group, Delhi (ILUG-Delhi), currently the main group organising the event . We had long, often heated, discussions about where we wanted ILUG-Delhi, and the annual event to be, and came out of those with a stronger sense of purpose. Mainly, we have felt it necessary to become more open, and more inclusive than we have been in the past.

So, here is a mini-FAQ about

  • Why the change of name?
    The obvious reason is to not have the name be entirely specific to Delhi. We are trying to broaden our horizons, so that the event is not just about ILUG-Delhi, but about freedom in technology, and software. Get Freed, it fits.
  • Are you trying to take over the world? Or, India?
    Yes, but not so that you would notice. Seriously, though, we have no aim of trying to “take over” any organisation without their express wish to get involved. While we do invite anyone to take part, it can be entirely on your terms, and your willingness to be a part of the event.
  • Is Freed in competition with Linux-Asia?
    Of course not. We have a very definite focus to our event, and while other events might be doing wonderful things, the three things that we are most interested in are Freed, then Freed, and lastly again, Freed. We will join hands with anybody who shares our goals, no matter what past history has been.
  • OK, then why yet another FOSS event in India?
    To the best of my, admittedly meagre, knowledge, we are the premier event in India that is of the FOSS community, by the FOSS community, and for the FOSS community. While the organisation of this year’s event is still somewhat chaotic, we have taken a big step forward, and I look forward to more of an active participation from all FOSS groups in future events. So, if you believe that FOSS should be done from grassroot efforts, please come work with us, no matter where you live. I cannot stress it strongly enough that all successes and failures of the event are those of the community, and not of individuals, something that has been reinforced for me personally over the past few months.
    Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.
  • How do I participate?
    If you want to speak at Freed 2007, please register at
    If you want to volunteer to help out, please send mail to

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